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I'm Princess Belle! :D

Another Luci awwww moment! :D "Mommy, you are Princess Belle cuz you have her eyes an her hair an you're pretty an smart an you got a book!"

Another Luci funny.

Just out of the blue she says, "I don't like games and balls and bathtubs." and I say "Did you just say you don't like games and balls and bathtubs?" and she says "NO! Don't say balls!" and starts crying. Then I laugh and she says "It's not funny about balls!" and then goes "Hey! Let's go color okay?" LOL

pokes you

Nobody has commented in my LJ since May. Is anyone actually reading this?

Luci Update

Mostly because I haven't in so long. She's 31 pounds as of yesterday. I'm not sure how tall but I'm pretty sure she's grown a bit vertically as well. She's been eating and sleeping a lot more so I think she's gearing up for a growth spurt. She's still in a size 24m/2T pants and a 2T/3T top and size 7 shoes. She can wear 3T leggings and dresses and 4T jackets, but 3T jeans are too long. She's built like me with a long torso and short legs lol

Potty training is FINALLY going well. We went to run errands w/o accidents for two days now. She is usually dry first thing in the morning and is only having small accidents. She is also finally beginning to sleep completely through the night with no bouts of whining every three-four hours like before. She is sleeping in her bed in her room at night every night and only very occasionally comes to cuddle with me in the morning. She is definitely a second shift baby and it's so nice. She took a two hour nap at 6pm and went to bed an hour ahead of us at midnight. It's almost 10am now and she is still sound asleep :)

Her vocabulary and sentence structure has improved drastically these last few months and aside from a word or two here and there, most people understand her perfectly as long as she isn't being weird or silly with her voice like she often does. She is still signing pretty often and her mind is a sponge. She will remember everything you tell her, even if she tries to play one parent against the other or twist your words around. I think she might grow up to be a fine lawyer hehehe

Her imagination is just running wild(the Umizoomis are still following us around, along with Super Why) and every day she transforms herself into a menagerie of animals. Her favorite seems to be a kitty cat and she will often meow at me to feed her; "I'm hungry meow. Feed me please meow." She adores dressing up and being a princess and coloring is still a favorite pastime. She finally loves the swings at the playground and has gone from being scared to death of them to ONLY wanting to swing. All day. It's quite tiring. However, she says some really funny things when she's swinging like "Luci in the sky!" and "I'm driving, look out for me!"

Her tastes are still weird. She loves to "cook" and will dip fries in mayonaise mixed with brown sugar and tear up pieces of pickles to put in her cottage cheese but I'd rather that than a picky child. She will basically try anything once and I can't think of a food she will not ever eat. Of course, getting her TO eat is frequently a problem as she doesn't seem to be interested in food nine times out of ten, but that has been improving lately as well.

She loves to be read to and try to read and has no problem spotting most letters most times. She knows all of her basic colors (and has for over a year) and is starting to pick up on the less used ones like magenta and burnt sienna. She wants to know about everything all the time and everything is a learning experience. She already knows over half of what she needs to learn in kindergarten so we are still pretty firm in our decision to homeschool her.

Potty Training Milestone

Weee! I asked Luci if she wanted a pullup or panties when we went to run errands today and she elected to wear panties. So I put a plastic panty cover thing on her and took an extra change of clothes, put a towel under her in the carseat and we did all our shopping with NO accidents! When I put her on the potty at the store she didn't pee and told me "No thanks. I'll pee when I get home." LOL And she did! We only had a tiny accident today so far, so this is the best potty training day yet! :D

Ballay Schools

I signed Luci up for creative movement class starting in September. She calls it BAllay School. She's so excited and wants to go *NOW* but it doesn't start until September 20th. Ohhh the dramas lol

More Kid Smarts

We were coming back from our evening walk and Luci spotted a *tiny* strawberry in the yard. She said "Look, Mommy! A strawberry!" and pointed it out and I said "Yes, but it's still very small. Leave it there so it can grow." Then Luci says "Yeah, the rain can help it grow bigger!" I love the way kids retain everything you tell them and file it away for moments like that lol

Come On Team Umizoomi!

So we all know that Luci has this huge imagination. Her latest thing is carrying around Team Umizoomi with her. They go everywhere. The other day I was doing the dishes and she had them up on the counter with us and they fell of the counter. So she said "it's okay team umizoomi. get in my hands" and held her hands down on the floor. Then they were dirty so they needed a bath. So Luci says "where's the bathtub?" an I gave her a spoon full of soapy water and she bathed them very nicely and meticulously in the "tiny bathtub for the zoomies" and dried them off with a paper towel. Then they had a nice lunch of one goldfish cracker. Oh, in case you're not a parent of a small child... this is Team Umizoomi hehe

Writer's Block: Family Matters

What things do you know you can count on your family for?

Being weird, being bitchy and being there for me when I need them. They love me no matter what I do <3 :D

Cruise In

One of the nice things about living downtown is that we can walk to all the fun stuff they do at the square. I took Luci down to see all the old cars and listen to music and eat fair fries. YUM! She had her first snow cone too and exclaimed "This is the best ice cream EVER!" lol When we were sitting down on a bench listening to music she turned and said to me, "Mommy! My feets! They won't stop dancin'!" *giggles* And they wouldn't! They were the wiggliest feets ever :) Now we're home and relaxing and I wish I had brought my camera because she's the cutest thing ever when she's looking at car engines hehe